CASA kids are treated to classes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines led by our team of talented teachers. Classes include: creative engineering, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, fashion design, acting, improvisation, playwriting, cabaret, songwriting, breakdancing, and more! In CASA’s ‘Magical Arts’ classes, students can create potions, salves and tinctures to address personal and global concerns. Magical Arts classes use elements of the natural world and cultural spirituality to showcase the magic in everyday life.

Friday Cabaret
Fridays are extra fun at CASA! In place of regularly scheduled classes, the CASA teachers and students collaborate to produce a hilariously lively weekly cabaret show for the whole community. Any CASA kid can be a star at Friday Cabaret with an eclectic assortment of improvised and rehearsed performances that include karaoke, dance, skits, magic tricks, stand-up comedy and more!