Thank you to all who were able to come to our potluck meeting. I realize how difficult weeknight events can be and so appreciate the effort. Below, I will cover the topics from the meeting and some other info.

CASA Lovefest 2012

We always start the Fall Potluck Meeting by having returning parents tell the new parents what they love about CASA. It was so wonderful to see that our efforts are reaching your families, thank you for your kind words. I especially enjoyed Ellen Manerud’s description of the personalized 5th grade character creation process. In speaking about the joy that her son is getting from creating his own character- which will become a lead in the spring musical, Ellen said “CASA isn’t about CASA. It’s about your child”.

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CASA Staff

Our Dream Team was on hand to introduce themselves and discuss their plans for the year. I couldn’t be more happy with this collection of fabulous artist/educators. Head teachers can be contacted directly at the email addresses below.


So far the expansion has been a great success! We are so pleased to see our students bonding with their head teachers and aides, and also enjoying classes with other CASA teachers. The core grade groups allow us to know your child better and provide individualized care.

Parent Handbook

I am attaching the parent handbook again. Please look it over before asking questions- there’s a good chance your question is addressed in the handbook. You can download a copy here.


We are getting closer to launching our new website which will include daily class schedules, calendars and regular updates. Please let me know if there is anything that you’d like to see included on our new site.


Our class schedule changes every 6-8 weeks to expose part time kids to different disciplines. You can check in with your head teacher to find out your child’s weekly schedule.

Wednesday Workshops

On Wednesdays all 2nd-4th graders attend an elective class that will culminate in a performance at the art and music show. They were asked to choose one of the following: Drum Core, Dance Troupe, Playwrights and Actors Lab or Singers and Songwriter’s Circle.

Kinders, 1st and 5th graders are working with our visiting artist, AC on Tuesdays. The work from these classes will be featured at the winter show.

Family Service Hours

This is a way for us to reduce our costs and create more family involvement. We ask that each full-time family contribute ten hours of volunteer time per school year. Part time families are asked to contribute 5 hours (per family not per child). There are a variety of  (fun!) ways to fulfill your obligation. We are especially interested in having parents help during homework time (M-Th/4-5pm). We’d also love to have all of our creative parents come be visiting artists or perform at Friday Cabaret! We will be soliciting help for our upcoming events including the Winter Art Show in January, Family Music Night in February and the musical in May. You must keep track of your completed hours in the Volunteer Log on the parent table. You will be invoiced in June for any unused hours. If this is a hardship for your family- talk to me. Single parent households can request a reduction in hours.


Monetary and supply donations also count towards Family Service Hours at the rate of $20 = one hour. We love gift cards to Costco, Amazon & Target. We will publish our supply wishlist on the website. We always need paper, pencils, Kleenex, classroom or industrial quality electric pencil sharpeners, playground balls, hoola hoops, sidewalk chalk and jumpropes. We are also currently in great need of small stainless steel or BPA free plastic bowls for snacks.

We are a 501-c3. All monetary donations are tax-deductible.

Center of the Universe DVDs!

Word on the street is that the DVDs from the 2012 musical, I am the Center of the Universe will be on sale in the bungalow next week. Don’t forget your checkbooks or cash. DVDs are $25.

CASA Musical 2013

We will be returning to the lovely and spacious Carol Channing Theater at Lowell High School on Sunday, May 19th. Mark your calendars! All CASA kids are featured in this one of a kind event. general questions, reporting absences, requesting drop-ins, reaching Leslie and Carlos all billing inquiries, requesting statements, enrollment changes, etc. Lily, Nicole & Angie Jo & Daniel Ammo & Nick Cara & Enkie Laurie & Sam Bruce