Students generally enter CASA in kindergarten and stay with us through graduation. As our 5th grade students prepare to move on to our middle school program, CASA begins enrolling incoming kinders. Kinder enrollment begins in April after SFUSD mails their acceptance letters. We enroll 30 kinders from our wait-pool, ensuring a diverse group of applicants. We have occasional openings in upper grades. You can add your prospective 1st-6th grader to the CASA wait list at any time.

Prospective Parent FAQ

The focus of the program is art, social justice, and social-emotional wellness. We are known for our cutting edge creative arts curriculum and for producing alumni who value kindness and speak out about social justice issues and the importance of being your authentic self.
You can add your child to a preliminary CASA waitlist for the first round of SFUSD enrollment upon applying to Rooftop:

CASA will enroll a diverse group of 30 kinders. Students who were not accepted on the first round will be removed from the CASA waitlist. If you are applying for the second round, you will need to reapply to the CASA waitlist.

CASA is the only full-time after school program on the Burnett campus of Rooftop School. There are other non-CASA related one hour after school enrichment classes such as Spanish, Tree Frog Treks, and Chess.
Space and licensing restrictions limit CASA’s enrollment. We cannot serve all kids who are enrolled in Rooftop, so be certain that you have a backup plan. There are some off-campus full-time options that are either on the SFUSD bus route or whom provide private transportation to their sites.
There are full-time (M-F until 6pm) and part-time (either 2,3,or 4 days a week) options. Full time tuition is currently $475 a month. We also offer occasional drop-in spots for $12 an hour. Financial aid is available for qualifying families.

Fees and Financial Aid

The monthly fees range from $275-$475 depending on days of attendance (we offer 2-5 days with 6pm pickup). We try to keep our fees reasonable and work with any family that cannot afford the tuition. Over 25% of our families are receiving financial aid and we also accept third party payers such as Children’s Council. There are many factors considered when determining scholarship amounts, including family size, employment, family hardship and extraneous expenses.


CASA’s Club 6 provides a creative social outlet for middle schoolers, while helping them grow into their new teen selves with confidence and ease. We facilitate exploration of independent and group interests and provide individualized guidance through what can be a very awkward and challenging time. We understand the needs of our students and work to create a comfortable and inspiring after school ‘hang out’ environment while also sneaking in plenty of opportunities for growth and enrichment. The Club 6 goals are to: Relate, Create, and Motivate!

We teach skills to help guide our students through everything from navigating MUNI to homework to friendship conflicts. We pride ourselves on unity and respect for one another and our community. We believe that community service is an excellent opportunity to empower youth and show them the difference that they can make in the world.

The club-like atmosphere of CASA’s middle school program encourages confidence building bonding, while avoiding an exclusive and insular experience. We aim to send our students off to high school with a better and more loving understanding of themselves, their community and the world around them.